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 Professional Fine Gardening Services now available 

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Proper maintenance is just as important as proper installation to create that beautiful and healthy landscape that you will enjoy for many years. Much of a landscape is alive so it is ever changing and always impacted by its environment.

Landscape maintenance is much more than just mowing. It includes the care of any part of your landscape from lawns and garden beds to patios, paths, irrigation and lighting, and much more. We, at Outdoors By Design, have been installing all landscape elements since 2002 so we have the skills, abilities and up to date training.

Some of the typical regular tasks that we can do for you are:

  • pruning (fine pruning, fruit trees, disease and damaged trees/shrubs)

  • weeding

  • fertilizing (organic or slow-release synthetic)

  • disease and pest assessment

  • mowing, edging (weekly)

  • mulching (compost, bark mulches, etc)

  • repair irrigation

  • repair/clean pavers and other hardscape elements

  • and so much more

Contact Phil at 360-490-2379 or to find out more about our customizable fine gardening services and pricing.