Chusquea culeou

Chusquea culeou 'Cana Preita' is a stunning dwarf form of the species. We have noticed that it is very hardy in our nursery in Shelton WA. It has survived 6 degrees F and 3 feet of snow without any difficulty. It is difficult to find but we do have a limited quantity for sale at this time. We are working on propagating this cultivar.

Chusquea culeou is a beautiful clumping bamboo native to the mountains of Chile and Argentina.  It grows on the margins and in the understory of beech forests. This bamboo is quite variable in form depending on exposure and genetics, but generally, mature plants form a tight, columnar to vase-shaped clump of foliage-tufted culms. It grows in full sun to part shade (will have a more open habit with shady exposure) is wind tolerant, hardy to about 0 degrees F., and grows to a height of about 20' with a culm diameter of about 1". It thrives in rich, organic, slightly acid soils with summer irrigation. It's quick to establish, forming a round clump that doesn't "run", so it's easy to contain. The versatility and beauty of this bamboo make it an extraordinary ornamental specimen!

Available plants:

Chusquea culeou 'Cana Prieta' #5
Chusquea culeou  'Cana Prieta' #7
Chusquea culeou  'Cana Prieta' #15