Borinda macclureana

Borinda macclureana on left

Borinda macclureana  This rare and exciting clumping bamboo is so new to cultivation in the U.S. we don't have mature height information, but you can expect over 20' with a culm diameter of about 1.5".  This is a fairly tight clumping bamboo with large leaves and arching stems that form a mound of lush foliage.  Needs rich, moist soils and afternoon shade to grow best.  Best used as a specimen in a large garden area. We have been testing this one in varius sites around Mason County since 2009 and it has done well. Unestablished plants seem to suffer some defoliation in the winter but our established plants have done well through our recent hot, dry summer and winter ice.

Available plants:

Borinda macclureana #3
Borinda macclureana #5
Borinda macclureana #15

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