Phyllostachys bambusoides

Phyllostachys bambusoides 'All Gold'
September 2010 at our nursery

Phyllostachys bambusoides f. Castillonis is a beautiful form of the well-known species P. bambusoides (commonly called Japanese Timber Bamboo).  Unlike the green-colored species, this form has yellow culms with wide green stripes in the sulcas on alternate sides of each internode.  In a mature stand, the clear yellow culms appear hatched with vertical green bars, creating an incredible color display.  In our cool western Washington climate, my plants have been slower to spread, almost clumping in habit, but quite vigorous and prolific in the number of shoots they produce.  Smaller than the species, this form can reach a height of 30 plus feet, with a culm diameter of around 2".  It will thrive in full sun, growing in rich, moist, well-drained, slightly acid soils, and is cold hardy to 5 degrees F.  My young plants tend to look bushy and have a splayed habit, but mature plantings produce upright culms.  The poles are very strong and less prone to breakage than many others of the genus.

Available plants:

Phyllostachys bambusoides f.'Castillonis' #7
Phyllostachys bambusoides 'All Gold' #15