Fargesia scabrida

Fargesia scabrida near Boston Harbor

Fargesia scabrida  This is one of our favorites. Perhaps our most versatile clumper, this bamboo reaches about 15’ high, forming a vase-shape clump with some arching perimeter stems. The new shoots on mature plants have a blue coloration that turns olive green over the growing season, and the leaf sheaths have an earthy, orange-red color that is quite striking. This is a very garden-worthy bamboo that can be used as a specimen/focal point, tall screen, or to contrast with the foliage of conifers and broadleaf evergreens.  This is a fast grower that does well in full sun or shade, and remains a lush green throughout winter.  Like others of the genus, it needs rich, moist acid soils to grow best. Cold hardy to about 0 degrees F.

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