Tips and Tidbits

Outdoors By Design LLC is a small company with a lot of creative energy located in the Thurston and Mason County areas of western Washington. We have a broad set of skills and talents, and we have built up a network of professionals to support you with any changes to your landscape.

Landscape Installation

Travis Meyer - 360-402-0523

Travis has been in the landscaping profession since 1997. His broad experience with landscape installation, varying from setting plants to laying pavers and setting large boulders, along with his education in Horticulture allowed us to greatly expand our services. He is the "can-do" man who ensures that designs are implemented well, and is responsible for day-to-day operations.

Fine Gardening & Specialty Nursery 

Phil Comer - 360-490-2379

Phil joined our team in 2007 merging his business, Halfside Bamboo, with Outdoors By Design LLC. He, too, was another Horticulture student. Phil brings his tremendous knowledge of bamboo and nursery management to our company, allowing us to further expand and create a specialty nursery. Phil is widely known throughout the bamboo industry and enjoys educating people about bamboo whenever possible. Check out his Bamboo Blog. Phil has many talents and manages our fine gardening services and our nursery. Phil also works with us to install the landscapes gaining the experience he needs to take care of your landscape.

Business Manager -

No matter how good a service we may have, it is not complete without good business practices. Sarah Monti joined us in 2016 and takes care of all things business.


Our Employees - Few businesses are successful without a good team of employees. We have a stellar team that each bring their own set of skills and experience.